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MySignals, our IoT development platform for medical devices and eHealth applications, do not stop evolving. Discover new Firmware, Apps and Cloud versions that allow to record continuous waves and send them to the Cloud in Server Mode.

This new feature concerns to ECG, EMG, Snore and Airflow sensors. It enables to record up to 30 seconds of the data measured in detail mode, to upload them to the cloud and, finally, to visualize this new raw data file in the Web Server or in the Mobile APP. Check upgrades in MySignals Software and MySignals Hardware step-by-step tutorial.

Note: Take advantage of a price drop of around €250 in all MySignals Kits, both software and hardware versions. Please, notice that the Spirometer Air Capacity Sensor is temporarily unavailable, the rest of the sensors are included in the kit. This sensor can be acquired when it is available again.