LoRaWAN module for Waspmote - AU [XBee Socket]

The LoRaWAN module AU [XBee Socket] includes a 900 / 928MHz antenna to be used in this frequency.

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This module includes a 900 / 928 MHz antenna to be used in this frequency.


  • Protocol: LoRaWAN 1.0, Class A
  • LoRaWAN - ready
  • Frequency: 915 / 928 MHz ISM frequency band
  • TX Power: up to +14 dBm
  • Sensitivity: as good as -136 dBm
  • Range: >15 km at suburban and >5 km at urban area. Typically, each base station covers some km. Check the LoRaWAN Network in your area.
  • Chipset consumption: 38.9 mA
  • Radio Bit Rate: from 250 to 5470 bps
  • Receiver: purchase your own base station or use networks from LoRaWAN operators

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