iPhone to Arduino ZigBee/802.15.4 kit08/03/2011

Communicate wirelessly your iPhone/iPad/iPod to Arduino using the XBee shield. It allows you to remotely read Arduino sensors and even control lights or motors from your iPhone display. Read more.


GPRS Quadband video tutorial08/03/2011

We have created a new video tutorial showing how to send SMSs or make missed calls from your Arduino to mobile devices... or to another Arduino connected to this module.


Xbee modules available08/03/2011

We have started to sell 16 different Xbee modules combining antenna connectors (on chip/ UFL/ SMA) frequencies (2.4GHz/ 900MHz/ 868MHz) protocol (802.15.4/ ZB/ RF) and power (1mW/ 2mW/ 50mW/ 100mw). Complete your Arduino Wireless Kit or Arduino Wireless Modules pack with them!


Arduino Wireless Lab Kit available!07/26/2011

Are you starting in Arduino World? Would you like to communicate between them wirelessly? Cooking Hacks helps you to get it with Arduino Wireless Lab Kit from 89€. You can choose between several wireless protocols to use with Arduino: ZigBee, Wifi, GPRS, Bluetooth and RFID. Look at our Arduino special kits to start with it too!


Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino07/26/2011

Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino is already in stock from 75€. You can build your own geiger counter with Arduino using this board. Thank you to all people who has supported this project with donations and pre-orders. Read more.


Wifi module for Arduino available in PRE-ORDER07/26/2011

Cooking Hacks has added Wifi module for Arduino from Roving Networks to the catalog. This awesome module, XBee compatible, fits in the Communication Shield, adding Wifi protocol to Arduino. Now you can pre-order it for 49€.


New Sales for Summer 201106/23/2011



Results of IV Arduino Contest 201106/23/2011

Cooking Hacks has published the results of Arduino Contest 2011. This year we have many high level recipes from our Cook-hackers. Congratulations to the winner and thank you to all contestants!


Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino - 2nd Batch06/23/2011

Cooking Hacks has started shipping the second batch Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino. Thank you to all people who has supported this project with donations and pre-orders. We will add this product as a regular one in next weeks. Read more.


Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino04/18/2011

Cooking Hacks has launched Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino. Its main finality is to help people in Japan to measure the levels of radiation in their everyday life after the unfortunate earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in March 2011 and cause the nuclear radiation leakages in Fukushima. As technical guys, we feel the responsibility of providing our support in those areas where we can contribute. As a result, first batch has been shipped to Japan at no charge to the Tokyo Hackerspace and other working groups. Read more.


Arduino Starter Kit and Lab Kit04/18/2011

Cooking Hacks has launched its Arduino Starter Kit and Lab Kit. At the price of 39.90€, Arduino Starter Kit is focused to beginners who want to introduce themselves into the Arduino World, following the examples of the book "Getting Starter with Arduino". Arduino Lab Kit is designed for advanced users with more components they can use in their hacks for only 99.90€. Both kits include a large list of parts to use with Arduino UNO (also included). Stay tuned!


Specific products from Seeed, Sparkfun or DFRobot?04/18/2011

Cooking Hacks brings you the opportunity to adquire the most of the parts you need for your projects in only one warehouse. If you are interested in any product of our official suppliers and we haven't it available, don't worry! Cooking Hacks will get it for you. Read more.


Meshlium Xtreme - 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Network GW03/31/2011

Libelium releases Meshlium Xtreme - the first multi-protocol wireless router - offering a powerful bridge between ZigBee wireless sensor networks and the Internet.

Meshlium Xtreme is a modular, wireless, multiprotocol, mesh, outdoor router running Linux. It uniquely combines five wireless technologies - WiFi, ZigBee, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS - as well as wireline Ethernet. The router provides wireless sensor networks a ZigBee gateway to the Internet and enables the storage of sensor data in both internal and external data base systems. Read more.


New Year, New Catalog: 75 new products!02/17/2011

Cooking Hacks has increased its catalog with a lot of new products: new sensors, new shields...

Are you looking for SeeedStudio products? We've got them! Check our sections and buy from a Lead Maple Cortex M3 to Displays or Servos.

Keep on watch for our site! We will add new products each week. Stay tuned!


GPS V1037-A Module On Sale!02/02/2011

Cooking Hacks comes back to add for a limited time the previous GPS V1037-A module for Arduino at special price of 30€!.

Use your Arduino as a tracker and get their position in your projects in outdoors. Combine it with our GPRS Quadband module for Arduino at 65€ to send your position through GPRS too. Stay tuned!.


USB cables and components discounts02/02/2011

Cooking Hacks has lowed the prices for USB Cable A-B and miniUSB Cable to only 2,75 €.

Now you can also find the awesome 4-ports HUB by Targus at only 5€!.

Plug your devices on it and power your Arduino.


Arduino Cooking Hacks Contest 201101/18/2011

Cooking Hacks presents IV Arduino Contest: “What can I cook today?”, promoting the skills in electronics of our Community.

The winner will get 500€ in Cooking Hacks' products. Only for participate you will be granted with a discount coupon of 15%.

All projects will be published in “Let's Cook!” section.


New Relay Shield available12/02/2010

Cooking Hacks offers the new Relay Shield board now. It contains a 4 relay built-in module that offers an easy way to make projects of controlling voltage from low to high (max switching power: DC90W / AC360VA). Now you can use this board with Arduino UNO in order to monitor several devices through its 4 actuators. Stay tuned!


First discount coupons sent in December!12/02/2010

We remember the promotion started on November. It's going to benefit many customers during December. You can save in your orders with discount coupons of up to 10% of your monthly purchases in Cooking Hacks. More information here. Stay tuned!


Green Energy with Arduino11/24/2010

Compromised with the environment, Cooking Hacks launched Solar Module for Arduino, a small board that can power your Arduino board, to get a totally autonomous outdoor board.

Thanks to the 3W Solar Panel, you can use it in outdoors, monitoring a wide area and measuring several levels adquired through sensors.

Save the planet! Stay tuned!


New Video-Tutorials Section11/18/2010

Cooking Hacks has created a new Video-Tutorials section to teach step by step how to use the Arduino modules.

All videos are also available in our Youtube's channel “Cooking Hacks“.

Let's suscribe and enter into the Cooking Hacks Community. Stay tuned!

By the way! the music has been made by the Cooking-Hacks team. If you like it, get it here.

Cooking-Hacks is electronic, recipes and now also video and music!


Arduino Packs updated!11/18/2010

Cooking Hacks has updated all Arduino Packs adding now the new Arduino UNO.

Now you can save much more with our modules (full compatible with the new Arduino UNO) buying our new Packs. Stay tuned!


New Gas Sensors for Arduino11/10/2010

Cooking Hacks has added a wide range of gas sensors to the catalogue, from Alcohol or CO detectors to Ozone sensor. Now you will be able to build from a breathalyzer to a domestic gas leakage detector.

They are fully compatible with Gas Sensor PCB for Arduino, or you can also use them with a Breadboard. Stay tuned!


GPRS Dualband for Arduino now available11/10/2010

Cooking Hacks has added to its catalog the new version of GPRS module for Arduino. Now you can get a cheaper GPRS module and choose the frequency you are going to use. Also available in Packs/Kits section. Read more.

Of course, for those you need worldwide coverage, the GPRS Quadband module for Arduino is a good option.


Special promotions up to 10% discount11/10/2010

Cooking Hacks helps our customers to save in their orders. You can get a discount coupon of up to 10% of your monthly orders. You can also send your recipes in order to get a 10% discount in your next order. Read more for both promotions.


Community Hack – GPS Car Alarm10/27/2010

Daniel Lopera has sent us a GPS Car Alarm using Arduino Quadband Mobile Navigator Pack. All the documentation and photos here.

Congratulations Daniel for the 20% discount!

Do you want to get a 20% discount in your next order? Daniel has already got. We encourage you to send your recipes. More information.


Music with Arduino10/27/2010

Recently launched, we offer the new version of Music Shield, a board that allows you to convert Arduino to a media player. You'll be able to play audio files, decoding a wide range of codecs (mp3, ogg, flac...) and to record ogg files through a line in.

It has a microSD socket to storage the files, a connectivity dock like iPod and buttons to play the files through hardware. Stay tuned!


New Smart Metering Sensor Board for Waspmote 10/27/2010

The new Sensor Board for Libelium's Waspmote platform enables very high reliability monitoring of 6 parameters for electricity & water supply, logistics and industrial automation. The new board extends the current features by supporting the measurement of the following key parameters:

  • Electric current
  • Water flow
  • Weight of materials and goods
  • Liquid level
  • Distance by ultrasounds
  • Distance and displacement of an object

Read more about the new Smart Metering Sensor board.


Community Hack – Temperature Chromatic Sensor10/21/2010

Santiago Campos has sent us a Temperature Chromatic Sensor using RGB Led and temperature sensor. All the documentation and photos here.

Congratulations Santiago for the 20% discount!

Do you want to get a 20% discount in your next order? Santiago has already got. We encourage you to send your recipes. More information.


Arduino Duemilanove on sale. Only 19€!10/21/2010

According to the launching of Arduino UNO, we have lowered the price of Arduino Duemilanove to 19€. Take advantage of this offer until end of stocks and start using Arduino in your projects.

Also we encourage to take a look on our Documentation Section in order to learn how to use Arduino with different modules.

Stay tuned!


Fritzing Libraries for the Cooking Hacks Arduino Modules10/13/2010

The Cooking Hacks Team has developed Fritzing libraries of all our arduino modules (GPS, GPRS, MicroSD, XBee, RFID, Bluetooth, Solar, ...). Fell free to download and use them when developing your own recipes for the Cooking Hacks community!

See an example of electronic diagrams made with our libraries here.

Download Fritzing Libraries for the Cooking Hacks Arduino Modules.


New ARDUINO UNO and MEGA 2560 available!10/04/2010

Arduino has launched its new version UNO with USB Vendor ID and Atmega8U2 processor programmed as USB-to-serial converter.

Arduino Mega has now an ATMega 2560 processor and it is fully compatible with most current versions of Arduino shields.

Get now your Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega 2560 and get involved into Arduino World!


Follow us on Flickr too!10/04/2010

Cooking Hacks has created its own Flickr channel where we upload photos related to our products and 'Cooking Hacks' Community.

Follow us to discover unedited photos and to become into a wide community. Stay tuned!


Community Hack – Open Door Detector10/04/2010

Quique Fernandez has sent us an Open Door Detector using Hall-Effect sensor and Arduino GPRS. All the documentation and photos here.

Congratulations Quique for the 20% discount!

Do you want to get a 20% discount in your next order? Quique has already got. We encourage you to send your recipes. More information.


Community Hack – Security Access Control10/04/2010

Verena Berg has sent us a Security Access Control using Arduino RFID. All the documentation and photos here.

Congratulations Verena for the 20% discount!

Do you want to get a 20% discount in your next order? Verena has already got. We encourage you to send your recipes. More information.


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! 09/24/2010

Cooking Hacks is already in Social Networks. Since now, you can reach us on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow us to be noticed of all the news and promotions we will be launching weekly. Stay tuned!


Reminder: International shipments from only 7€! 09/24/2010

Place your order and set it with the cheapest option if you are not in a hurry and save money!. International shipments start at 7€.

We are working to make the technology more affordable than ever.


Welcome to Cooking Hacks! 09/15/2010

We have changed our old "Libelium Hacks and Gadgets" website for offering you a better service and new experiences, take a look to our Manifesto to find out why!

But Cooking Hacks is not only mixing candy and resistors, these are the news:

  • Double number of products and four new categories to make it easier finding what you need.
  • More and better support. Complete and updated Documentation section with step by step tutorials and a new Forum for asking technical doubts.
  • New prices, discounts and promotions for saving money in your next purchases.
  • Funny gifts for your kitchen so that you can join and spread the Cooking Hacks culture.
  • Credit card and Paypal payment accepted.
  • A new video channel in Youtube.
  • Follow us using our RSS channel and our Newsletter (subscribe on the right column input form).

And last but not least, YOU are more important than ever: we want you to be part of our Community and award you for that: Send to us your hacks and recipes! – and get discount coupons in your next purchases.