You want it, we get it! On-Demand and Backorder ProductsOctober 23, 2012

Were you looking for something from our official suppliers and we haven't had it? Now you can order it directly from our site.

After 3 months updating our site, we are glad to announce that you can get any product from Sparkfun, SeeedStudio or DFRobot in our catalogue. Now, we can offer more than 3000 products to our Community as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi products.

How it works? It's easy!! This section will group all the items you can find in our official suppliers and you will be able to add the products to your cart. It's called On-Demand because once you place the order, we will process it. The order should be ready in 1~3 weeks. Once the order is shipped, you will be notified.

If you used to navigate through the Search box, you will find these products labelled as "Backorder". What does it mean? They are products with no stock in the moment. We don't stock them automatically so if you are interested on it, you must place an order with these products. We use to purchase weekly (every Thursday) to our suppliers so if your purchase has been placed before Thursday, we will buy it in our supplier and we use to receive them next Tuesday-Wednesday most of times. So once we receive them we will ship the order to you.

It's an easy way to buy all desired products in the same place. Come on cookers!!

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