Where is my car? Use Arduino for realtime GPS+GPRS tracking of vehiclesJuly 29, 2014

If you have ever been victim of a car burglary and lost your car forever, you will be happy to know that Cooking Hacks has the solution for you: using geolocation tracking we will teach you how to prepare an useful gadget that will send you a SMS with your car location - and even will mark it in Google Maps - in case you get your car stolen.

How does it work?

This works as follows: you just call to the gadget, hidden previously in your car (in the trunk, the glove compartment or under your spare tyre, for example), and it will get the position data and send the realtime position to a web server. You can track your stolen car in realtime or even locate it in Google Maps.

Use Arduino for realtime GPS+GPRS tracking of vehicles

The heart of the gadget: the GPRS + GPS Quadband Module (SIM908)

What is required to prepare this cool gadget is a Geolocation Tracker (GPRS + GPS) with SIM908, an external GPRS-GSM Antenna, an external GPS Antenna, a 9V Alkaline Battery, a 2300mA/h Rechargeable Battery and a Barrel Jack Adapter. With this materials, you can follow now our complete step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the assembly and coding process.

We will be happy to hear how this gadget have helped you recovering your stolen car. And use your imagination: we are sure you can use this gadget or a similar one to track other moving objects.

Start now preparing your own realtime GPS+GPRS Tracking of Vehicles Gadget using Arduino with our complete tutorial.

8 thoughts on “Where is my car? Use Arduino for realtime GPS+GPRS tracking of vehicles”

  • damilolaniyi

    This is a nice innovation. We would be delighted to find out more. Well done!

  • Terry

    Looks really good and easy.
    Only one slight problem, some of the code is missing as it has gone off the RHS of the page in two or three places.
    Can you email me the complete code please, or correct it on the page?
    Thank you

    • Cooking Hacks

      Hi Terry,

      Please, can you post in our forum this problem, so the rest of the users can enjoy the solution? In adition to that, I forward your problem to the technical team, to keep them updated.

      Thanks a lot, regards,

    • Cooking Hacks

      Hi again Terry,

      The technical guys have been testing the code, and seems it works properly.. can you explain your problem in a deeper detail? Or maybe post in the forum.

      We dont understand the "RHS of the page" in your question...

      Thanks in advance, regards,

  • Muhammad Ikram

    Hey, I used the tutorial to make the tracking device and display it on my own website. It's working fine until the sms part however, I am not getting any data to the website server. If possible can you further explain the url bit or if you can check my code to see where I am going wrong would be a great help.


    • Cooking Hacks
      Cooking Hacks May 7, 2015 at 10:30 am

      Hello Muhammad,

      Please post this inquiry in the forum so the technical team can work on it and this way other users will be up to it.

      Thank you.

  • hi

    can I use 2200 mA instead of 2300mA rechargeable battery. and what is the voltage config. and which cell battery should I use.

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