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We launch Open Garden Project - Hydroponics & Garden Plants Monitoring for ArduinoMay 13, 2014

Care for the environment has become very important in recent years and there is an increasing demand for "green" applications that can help reduce CO2 emissions, detect forest fires or make a more efficient management of energy consumed.

In addition, there is a lot of interest in urban or terraces vertical gardens that allow grow vegetables in the city centers controlling firsthand the level of fertilizer used. This week, we are happy to announce our newest product: Open Garden. We put our knowledge of electronics and sensors at the service of gardening and hydroponics, trying to help all of you interested in gardening and plants.

Open Garden is a platform for garden control using sensors oriented both exterior and interior gardening or even hydroponic farming. The aim of the platform is to measure parameters such as Soil moisture (Indoor & Outdoor kits), Water sensors: pH, Conductivity, Temperature (Hydroponics kit), and Temperature, Humidity and Light (All kits) and later control remotely your garden using different actuators like Water pump and Droppers for Drip Irrigation (Indoor kit), Electro valve and Sprinkler for Sprinkling (Outdoor kit), Oxygen Pump and Growing Light (Hydroponics kit).

OpenGarden - Hydroponics and Garden Plants Monitoring for Arduino

The platform also sends periodic status information of the system to a Web server using wireless communication technologies (WiFi, GPRS, 3G). These data can be viewed from a mobile device, and the owner may even act on the garden remotely.

Open Garden programming has been developed as Open Source so that users can access the source code to customize and adapt to their needs.

We are eager to hear of your projects using this product! Send us your comments about them!!

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2 thoughts on “We launch Open Garden Project - Hydroponics & Garden Plants Monitoring for Arduino”

  • CrisisMaven

    If only we had had had all these possibilities and controls back in the 1970s when I was designing automated irrigation (thermostat/temperature/moisture driven) for newly planted gardens. These typically need a lot of aftercare by the supplying garden firm which drives up prices. On the other hand, if you left it out of the proposal and the new owners didn't water properly, you'd have a court case on hand about why the plants weren't flourishing etc. Technology today allows for optimizing many more parameters than we ever thought possible (although actuators typically still lag as against sensor development progress).

  • qldtechie

    I like the look of your Open Garden systems but for one thing
    Your soil moisture probe looks like a problem to me. I would like you to modify the design to incorporate the Vegetronix VH400 Soil Moisture Probe

    I have been using them with the Vegetronix Analogue Control Board for three years now. I have found them to be really good and reliable. They are fully Solid State and follow on from principles already used in Australia for the past 30 years
    I would like you to include them in an Arduino Project. Can someone help me with this please?
    Iā€™m sure it will be a great seller for you

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