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We have redefined the Open Garden kits. Now at 199€!October 6, 2014

Five months after the launch of Open Garden and thanks to the Community feedback, we have decided to redefine the kits in terms of complexity and price. We are very excited about the direction is taking the project and we want to explain you why.

Open Garden New Prices

The Open Garden Platform in a brief

As you surely remember Open Garden is an open source hardware alternative to commercial home automation to remotely control your indoor, outdoor and hydroponic plants. The platform allows to monitor the state of the plants by sensing several parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Light, Soil moisture and Water sensors (pH, Conductivity, Temperature). At the same time it is possible also to use different types of actuators to modify the state of the plants - for example, irrigating them or activating lights and oxygen pumps. Examples of the actuators are: Water pump + Droppers for Drip Irrigation, Electro valve + Sprinkler for Sprinkling, or Oxygen Pump + Growing Light.

The nodes send periodically the information to the Gateway that uploads the data to a web server by using any of the available wireless interfaces (WiFi, GPRS, 3G).

We prepared three different kits, each ready for a specific kind of growing plant scenario: Indoor (houses and greenhouses), Outdoor (gardens and fields) and Hydroponics (plants in water installations). This part hasn't changed: we still think the three kits are useful and answer your current needs. Actually, we have revised the elements that make up every Kit.

So, what's new?

Listening to the rising Open Garden community - we receive regular emails of the users providing feedback, and we answer their questions in our forum (many thanks to all of you folks) -, we have decided to focus in utility and simplicity and at a lower cost per kit than the initial ones. We realized that sometimes less is more!

That's the reason why we have chosen just the most demanded accessories and prepare three new Kits including them. That's why now, for example, the Open Garden Indoor Kit "just" includes the following accessories: LDR - Light sensor, DHT22 - Temperature + Humidity sensor, Soil moisture sensor, Water Pump and Real Time Clock (RTC) - DS1307 + Water Proof IP67 Enclosure. And that's why we have also revised the accessories included in Outdoor and Hydroponics Kits. All of them at 199€ each!

We are very happy to share this new vision with all of you, and we strongly believe that with this change the Open Garden community will grow faster.

Of course, rest of previously included accessories in the kits are still available, and can be purchased individually. Access to the complete list of kits and accessories of Open Garden here.

Documentation and support

You can check our Open Garden - Hydroponics & Garden Plants Monitoring step-by-step tutorial. Remember you can also check our forum where you can get support for Open Garden.

The Kits

You can purchase the kits here:

Indoor Kit
Outdoor Kit
Hydroponics Kit

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