We are movingOctober 2, 2014

Do you remember the fire? :(

As you surely remember, the night of the 3th April a fire burned one of our warehouses in Zaragoza (Spain), where we stored some of the products of Cooking Hacks. Part of our products have been temporarily stored in a smaller wharehouse, and we have been in an awkward position for the last six months.

We are happy to announce...

We are happy to announce that we are moving tomorrow to our new facilities. We have been working hard for the last months preparing our new headquarters. And to kill two birds with one stone, moving to a bigger building will allow us to improve our logistic activities but also our general day-to-day office work.

Check the map below to get more details about our new facilities.

The move

And these days we are packing all our computers, screens, servers, testing material, 3D printers, general office equipment, chairs, tables and rest of the furniture. And well, you know... we are very excited about the change, but it's also a total madness... ;)

You can find below some pics that will give you a good idea about what we are talking about.

We are moving
We are moving
We are moving
We are moving

We will continue posting more photos in our Instagram Channel. Be sure to follow us there and stay tuned!

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