Trick or treat! 8 Amazing Halloween Hacks You Can Make With ArduinoOctober 28, 2014

Welcome to Halloween week: these days, a lot of makers are sharing their Halloween hacks and tricks. This year, we are searching for some Halloween projects to showcase them in this post.

In adition, we have an interesting proposal for all of you. If you send us your Halloween Hack or project (surely you are "cooking" some Halloween specific hack this week) we will send you a 10% promo discount code for your next purchase in Cooking Hacks online shop.

Send us your projects to info [at] cooking-hacks [.] com. To be eligible for the discount, you must send us a brief description of your project and some photos or a YouTube link. A link to your post, if any, could be useful also!
Send us your projects before Friday 31th October.

Trick or treat! Your Halloween hack for a 10% discount!

Trick or treat! Send us your Hack and get a 10% discount

These are the Halloween Hacks we have found so far:

Control your Halloween decoration using Arduino

In this hack and tutorial, is explained how to control all your animated Halloween props with a single microcontroller (in this case, Arduino Uno). The way the hack is prepared, let you exactly choreograph how and when each prop will turn on an off, for a highly customizable trick!

You can check this amazing choreography hacking Halloween props using Arduino Uno in Instructables and in

Arduino-powered Halloween flying saucer

Only for the craziest about Halloween and UFOs... check this incredible DIY UFO project, installed in Andrew Wyatt’s home. This Halloween flying saucer is made out of cardboard, tape, tinfoil, 8mm diffused neopixels, and it's controlled by Arduino. Featured in

Arduino Halloween thunderbolts and light­nings

This hack built by Brian Enigma gen­er­ates ambi­ent light­ing, but also kicks in some sur­prise thun­der and light­ning at the push of a hid­den foot switch.

And this is just one in a series of Halloween elec­tron­ics posts. You can check all of them here.

And 5 videos that we showcased in past years

Check some Halloween Arduino videos here:

Remember! Trick or treat! Your Halloween hack for a 10% discount! Send us your project NOW!

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