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Touch|Play|Learn: make the invisible visible! [DIY Weekend]September 27, 2012


Our friend Cindy has shared with us the event of the last weekend called: Touch|Play|Learn. It was part of the Open House event at the Mildmay Community Centre in Islington, London (which in turn was part of the ‘Open House London 2012‘).

The Touch|Play|Learn expo, was a fun and interactive exhibition where children and adults alike were able to create and explore fun Do It Yourself tools to learn about and discover the world around us! In this expo we learnt to make the invisible visible: playing with everything from squishy play-dough circuits to Arduino, making simple circuits, and doing balloon mapping of the Mildmay Estate (by sending a weather balloon up with a camera attached), to monitoring humidity, temperature, air and noise pollution. These are all tools that have the potential to change our lives for the better – from reducing electricity bills to holding polluters accountable!

See ExCiteS group to know more activities and project of them.

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