Swarming Flying Robots with ZigBee and GPS.May 30, 2012

This amazing project combines ZigBee and GPS to control a fleet of swarming flying robots.

“The SMAVNET project aims at developing swarms of flying robots that can be deployed in disaster areas to rapidly create communication networks for rescuers. Flying robots are interesting for such applications because they are fast, can easily overcome difficult terrain, and benefit from line-of-sight communication. To make aerial swarming a reality, robots and controllers need to be made as simple as possible.

From a hardware perspective, robots are designed to be robust, safe, light-weight and low-cost. Furthermore, protocols and human-swarm interfaces are developed to allow non-experts to easily and safely operate large groups of robots.”

Complete research project here.

Via: Xbee Wireless, Source: Laboratory of Intelligent Systems

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