Summer Workshops with Arduino: Cooking your own RobotJuly 23, 2012

UPCT has included a special "Cooking Course" in the Summer Workshops 2012. 'Cooking your own Micro-robot' is the title of a course organized by Sergio Gallardo Vázquez and Juan Suardíaz Muro, allowing the attendants to learn how to design, program and build their own robots thanks to the Arduino platform.

This course has been sponsored by companies like DF Robot, Digitalia and Cooking Hacks with some products and merchandising (nice Cookers!!) The attendants have been able to have a first look to Arduino, the opensource platform which has increased along the last years quickly.

The attendants finished the course with a special photo, wearing nice aprons like authentic Arduino 'Chefs', and they had the oportunity to get gadgets and the platform with a low price, from Cooking Hacks and DF Robot.

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Via and Source: UPCT

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