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Summer Hacks. What can I do with my Arduino?August 1, 2012

Hi Community! August begins today and many people use to be on holidays for one or two weeks... or even the whole month!!! These days are good for relaxing, walking and taking more time for your hobbies.

We want to send a reminder to YOU, who wants to use the time making projects with electronic ingredients!Ā  We have a section called "Let's Cook!" where we publish some recipes from our community so read the terms & conditions and participate! You will be able to get a 10% discount for your next purchase. The project must be like a recipe (ingredients, steps...) but we also want your skills in the kitchen so you must send your favourite recipe too. See some examples in this section.

Our chefs have used Arduino in the projects but you can use other platforms like Netduino, Arduino Clones, PIC...

For those who don't want to make the funny recipe but want to expand their project to all, they can share it to us and we will publish it in our Blog without the discount.

As you can see, we use to publish very interesting projects there and people use to share them in Facebook and Twitter so, why not to expand your knowledge?

Come on! Take out the cook in you!

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