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Some quick notes about Maker Faire 2014...May 20, 2014

The Trip

Our adventure started early in the mornig in Spain on Thursday 15 May. We travelled by train from Zaragoza to Madrid Atocha. After that, we took a plane to Philadelphia, and after 7 hours flying and 3 waiting in the airport, we took another flight to San Francisco. We arrived California really tired, after an almost 20 hours trip, and althought we were trying to sleep during the journey, the local time asked us to continue sleeping... In order to fight against jet lag, we forced ourselves to rest for a while in the hotel, before going to the fair centre to start preparing our booth. We spent the entire Friday ensuring all our projects were working properly, placing all the merchandising and promotional material, etc.

Trip to Maker Faire 14

The Weekend

The war started on Saturday, and a lot of people came to our stand, making us difficult to have a breath to visit other companies booths that day... In our stand, we prepared small demos for the Makers like:

  • Mind-controlled Beer Machine: It is very popular among the people. Once they concentrate, the beer appears.
  • Nacho, our e-Health patient: He was wearing all the sensors to be monitored with our e-Health Sensor platform.
  • Radiation shield: Using the test beads, people can measure the radioactivity and read the values in the display.
  • SPO2 Ledbar: You can use it to know the Pulse and Oxygen in blood.

We handed out a lot of our e-Health hearts, various stickers and lanyards, as they are very popular among the makers. People learnt from us to know the wireless communications used in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo as well as our solutions for e-Health (Biometric sensors) and Open Garden. We also showed our devices from Libelium like Waspmote and Meshlium, offering strong solutions to the makers.

We took the opportunity to show the makers how to exploit the full potential of using the new Intel Galileo board with our Shields. As you may remember we launched last week a complete step-by-step tutorial explaining how to took the most of the board with our shields and modules! Use our devides is really easy in any platform: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and now Intel Galileo..

Booth Cooking Hacks Maker Faire - eHealth and Open Garden

Taking a walk around... some quick notes...

The Expo Hall contained the most of the booths for electronics. Most of them were CNC and 3D PRinters, using Cube, Makerbots and Ultimakers 3D Printers for making models. Makers were showing their projects, most of them based in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ARM boards. Raspberry Pi was very popular in this edition.

You were able to see some exhibitions of Drones, making amazing flights. Arduino had a big booth, showing the upcoming releases like Arduino Zero or Arduino TRE.

We met people from well-know companies like SeeedStudio and DFRobot (both are big friends of CH, thank you guys!!) and also people from Digilent, Freescale, UDOO, Texas Instruments... very nice people.

Every year we can meet big companies in Maker Faire Bay Area like Autodesk, TechShop, Oracle, SONY or Microsoft. In their booths, they were showing big projects and solutions for the market.

Next to the Expo Hall you found some big pavillions with amazing projects made with lights and robotics. One entire pavillion only for LEDs, digital art, sounds... and another one for robot cups and robots like R2D2. Out of the pavillions, you were able to see Craft projects and exhibitions in outdoors with fires, dragons... Children were very funny with that, asking their parents how to make them... They're the future... ;)

Maker Faire 2014

We will post more photos and comments in a couple of days! We have seen a lot of things this weekend and it's not possible to include all our experiences in just one post!!

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