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Smart Carnival Costumes - Customize it!January 25, 2016

Smart Carnival Costumes - Customize it!

Starter Kit

Starter Kit
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Carnival is a worldwide extended festivity. Rio de Janeiro, Venize, Tenerife, Notting Hill or Nize have a well known carnival celebrations. All of them are different but they have something in common and that cannot miss: to wear an amazing costume.

There are so many costumes as you can imagine but, from Cooking Hacks, we want to suggest you something different. Have you think about design a smart costume? You can customize it with electronic components that will transform your costume in something unique and different and will make you the king of the party.

In Cooking Hacks we have the perfect solution to prepare this amazing costume: the Starter Kit. You can decorate outfit with different components that contain this kit. Imagine all you can do. To control a servo motor, to emit light of colors with some RGB leds, to emit sounds with a piezo speaker or even to show messages with an LCD display. And, of course, the Starter Kit is fully compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo platforms.

To motivate you to design a smart carnival costume, we want to give you a 10% discount on your next purchase. You only have to share a photo or a video and a text explaining your project in our Facebook page and we will put in contact with you for giving the discount coupon.

Take a look at our tutorials to find some interesting examples of what you can do with the Starter Kit:

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