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Smart Box for Smart Products. Cooking Hacks releases new packaging for their designs.October 11, 2013

In order to improve the quality of the products to our customers, we have been looking for a strong and reliable box to keep our products safer. After trying several models we decided to design our own one, stronger and with a nice feel to touch that corresponds to the quality of the products.In the external sides, you will see our logo and main red colour that identifies our site. The box comes with an Authenticity Hologram to ensure a product has the Quality of Libelium Official Designs. Inside, you will find some foams to prevent our products from hits and external agents (dust).

This hologram will be our Quality Certification to ensure that the product you are buying has been tested and manufactured under the quality of Libelium Products. For us, it is very important to offer the best quality in our products and we want to show it, not only related to the products but in the development of them. A quality given from a team of engineers in Libelium who design the PCB, schematics and documentation of each product released by us.

From now, the products Designed by Cooking Hacks will be shipped with this box so you will be able to see the difference when you order a product released by us.

Enjoy it!

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