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  • Some quick notes about Maker Faire 2014...May 20, 2014

    The Trip

    Our adventure started early in the mornig in Spain on Thursday 15 May. We travelled by train from Zaragoza to Madrid Atocha. After that, we took a plane to Philadelphia, and after 7 hours flying and 3 waiting in the airport, we took another flight to San Francisco. We arrived California really tired, after an almost 20 hours trip, and althought we were trying to sleep during the journey, the local time asked us to continue sleeping... In order to fight against jet lag, we forced ourselves to rest for a while in the hotel, before going to the fair centre to start preparing our booth. We spent the entire Friday ensuring all our projects were working properly, placing all the merchandising and promotional material, etc.

    Trip to Maker Faire 14

    The Weekend

    The war started on Saturday, and a lot of people came to our stand, making us difficult to have a breath to visit other companies booths that day... In our stand, we prepared small demos for the Makers like:

    • Mind-controlled Beer Machine: It is very popular among the people. Once they concentrate, the beer appears.
    • Nacho, our e-Health patient: He was wearing all the sensors to be monitored with our e-Health Sensor platform.
    • Radiation shield: Using the test beads, people can measure the radioactivity and read the values in the display.
    • SPO2 Ledbar: You can use it to know the Pulse and Oxygen in blood.

    We handed out a lot of our e-Health hearts, various stickers and lanyards, as they are very popular among the makers. People learnt from us to know the wireless communications used in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo as well as our solutions for e-Health (Biometric sensors) and Open Garden. We also showed our devices from Libelium like Waspmote and Meshlium, offering strong solutions to the makers.

    We took the opportunity to show the makers how to exploit the full potential of using the new Intel Galileo board with our Shields. As you may remember we launched last week a complete step-by-step tutorial explaining how to took the most of the board with our shields and modules! Use our devides is really easy in any platform: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and now Intel Galileo..

    Booth Cooking Hacks Maker Faire - eHealth and Open Garden

    Taking a walk around... some quick notes...

    The Expo Hall contained the most of the booths for electronics. Most of them were CNC and 3D PRinters, using Cube, Makerbots and Ultimakers 3D Printers for making models. Makers were showing their projects, most of them based in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ARM boards. Raspberry Pi was very popular in this edition.

    You were able to see some exhibitions of Drones, making amazing flights. Arduino had a big booth, showing the upcoming releases like Arduino Zero or Arduino TRE.

    We met people from well-know companies like SeeedStudio and DFRobot (both are big friends of CH, thank you guys!!) and also people from Digilent, Freescale, UDOO, Texas Instruments... very nice people.

    Every year we can meet big companies in Maker Faire Bay Area like Autodesk, TechShop, Oracle, SONY or Microsoft. In their booths, they were showing big projects and solutions for the market.

    Next to the Expo Hall you found some big pavillions with amazing projects made with lights and robotics. One entire pavillion only for LEDs, digital art, sounds... and another one for robot cups and robots like R2D2. Out of the pavillions, you were able to see Craft projects and exhibitions in outdoors with fires, dragons... Children were very funny with that, asking their parents how to make them... They're the future... ;)

    Maker Faire 2014

    We will post more photos and comments in a couple of days! We have seen a lot of things this weekend and it's not possible to include all our experiences in just one post!!

  • Maker Movement... the New RevolutionNovember 5, 2013

    The Maker Movement, inspired in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) philosophy, is being considered the seed of the III Industrial Revolution, as wrote by journalist from The Economist or Wired Magazine. A world movement where art, science and technology join with the aim of create and innovate through the use of new tools, available only for a few people... until now.

    We love to promote this new revolution, attending events, collaborating with other organizations for makers, or giving our own workshops. Everything in our hand to teach this new philosophy to the world.

    New philosophy? Not in theory but in resources. Do you remember when you were a child? We've always wanted to build things by ourselves and show them to the world: from our figures and hand-works for our parents to our recipes in the kitchen. The feel watching the faces of our family while receiving a present or our friend eating something tasty cooked by us.

    Makers love to create anything in their hands using these new resources brought by the Open Hardware philosophy. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone or Waspmote brings the opportunity to explore an universe of possibilities, from digital art to hobbyist projects.

    Events like Maker Faire can be a meeting point for many makers who want to show their projects to other people. Along this last year, we have offered many keynotes, workshops and hackathons, not only in Spain (where we are from) but in countries like UK, Italy or USA, meeting people from Hackerspaces, Fablabs or universities involved in this maker movement. Here you can see some links for past events where you can feel the maker atmosphere.

    - Maker Faire Rome.
    - Maker Faire Bilbao.
    - Campus Party.
    - TechShop Hacking Week.

    Do you like it? Be a Maker.

  • Waspmote: Wireless Sensor Networks Open Source Platform. Complete catalogue available online. September 3, 2013


    Waspmote is an open source wireless sensor platform specially focused on the implementation of low consumption modes which allows the sensor nodes ("motes") to be completely autonomous, that is battery powered. Lifetime of Waspmote sensor nodes may go from 1 to 5 years depending on the duty cycle and the radio used. Waspmote was launched by Libelium in November 2009 and now, we will start distributing the complete OEM catalogue to our followers.

    Four years after releasing Waspmote, there is a growing Community of Developers using it as a standard platform for the Internet of Things. Besides its outstanding technical features, they like its horizontal, modular and Open Source approach. One year ago, we started to sell the Waspmote Starter Kit, a simple kit with 802.15.4 RF Link to bring our platform for the Internet of Things to the makers. Then, we launched several kits to complement the Starter Kit such as Events, Gases or Smart Cities Kits, which included a few sensors to use with Waspmote. Now, we want to allow the Makers to use their own configuration over this platform, so we have added the entire catalogue for this OEM solution. You will be free to configure your own network with the Waspmote boards and sensors you need.

    For example, some of the boards you can get now are Gases, Events or Video Camera Board with the sensors separately:

    gasesĀ  eventsĀ  video

    Along the current year, we have received several awards, giving keynotes about the Internet of Things and workshops in Spain and USA to introduce Waspmote to the Makers. Now, many people who started using Arduino in their projects, are using Waspmote due to the friendly environment and use.

    Check our Waspmote Section and find the appropriate solution for your project.

    All the info about the platform in Cooking Hacks and Libelium sites:

  • Cooking Hacks @Maker Faire Bay Area 2013May 21, 2013


    This month is being a success in DIY events. Due to the workshops we are giving in TechShop in San Francisco these days, we have been able to attend Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 too.

    We have no words to describe our sensations: meeting old friends, new ones, awesome projects from Makers... Maker Faire Bay Area brings the opportunity to any people to show what they do, from makers or HackerSpaces to big companies like Atmel, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments or Autodesk. Artists, inventors, engineers and creators came together to share their toys, hobbies, inventions, and their passions. People of all ages came to be inspired and just have fun.

    There were several pavilions (Expo Hall, Fiesta Hall, Hands-on homegrown...) where makers had the opportunity to show everything they make. The Expo Hall was full of booths with 3D Printers, taking a high part on this Maker Faire Edition: from proprietary ones to RepRap ones (Mendel or even Prusa IT3-based like the one we released last week). CNC Machines, 3D Scanners or even Open Source Pick & Place Machine were in this pavilion. Most of people was using Arduino or Raspberry Pi in their projects so we had the opportunity of meeting some interesting attendants, talking about the improvement of their projects and showing our Open Source Sensor Platform: Waspmote. There were several outdoor stages like Coke Zero & Mentos Stage, where Stephen & Fritz from EepyBird show us what they do with the bottles.

    Fiesta Hall was a pavilion for Digital Art. It was awesome to watch performances by ArcAttack using Tesla Coils, or playing Tetris in a big screen made by LEDs. Music, Lights, 3D...

    And... What about kids? There were many places for them: workshops for "How to solder?" or "Electronic Camps" where kids were making their first electronic projects with basic circuits. Maker philosophy is very high here and we were able to see future "makers". Don't forget: Children are the future!

    We met in person people from DFRobot, SeeedStudio or Arduino, taking the opportunity of talk about OpenHardware and our role in this and the staff from Neurosky, remembering the winner of AT&T Hackathon in last CES (January) who won the prize using Mindwave with our 3G Shield for Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

    Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printers, Hackerspaces, Digital Art, Craft, workshops, children, outdoor events... You must not miss it next time... Turn your dreams into reality.

    We are collecting all pictures of this event and they will be available soon in our Facebook channel. Take a look!!

    Let's Make!

  • e-Health Complete Kit comes back in stock!May 5, 2013


    After several weeks, we have the e-Health Complete Kit ready to ship. When we launched our last release, e-Health Sensor Shield, we know the feedback of medical devices in the market, but the high demand of them forced us to work hard on this, hacking the e-Health sensors. Now it has come in stock and it is ready to be used with Arduino and the sensors you can find in the e-Health Complete Kit.

    From its release, we have received several awards and we have been in the media like Wired or Postscapes. We have given several exhibitions and workshops, like the last one in TechShop Menlo Park, where you can purchase it in their local store (CA, USA).

    Don't forget to read our full guide if you need more information about e-Health Sensor Platform. Learn how to use all sensors and our apps for iPhone and Android to monitor the patient easily.

  • Cooking Hacks comes back to TechShop in May!!May 3, 2013

    Cooking Hacks will be in San Francisco, CA (USA) in May. In this case, we will attend the Maker Faire Bay Area (May 18 & 19) and we are preparing a great Hacking Week in TechShop to show how our platforms are used in the Internet of Things. From 17th to 23rd May, we will give workshops in TechShop Menlo Park, where many people know us already, and we will extend our visit with a Hack Weekend in TechShop San Jose. As the previous workshops, they will be attended by a high community of makers in the West Coast. Arduino, Waspmote, e-Health, GPRS and... many surprises!!! Take the opportunity to talk to Jorge and David, from Cooking Hacks Team, to know more about us.

    Libelium's technology has been featured in as one of ten mind-blowing, skill-building Raspberry Pi projects.

    We must remind that you can buy some products from Cooking Hacks in TechShop Menlo Park and TechShop San Jose, including the Waspmote Starter Kit or even the e-Health Complete Sensor Kit


    TechShop Menlo Park.

    Click here to register for 3D Printer Cooking Hacks Presentation (May 17)

    Click here to register forĀ Waspmote Agriculture Kit Workshop (May 21)

    Click here to register for Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Workshop (May 22-23)

    TechShop San Jose.

    Click here to register for Arduino & GPRS Workshop (May 25)

    Click here to register forĀ e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino (exhibition) (May 25)

    Click here to register for Waspmote: Open Source Sensor Platform for Developers (May 26)

    Remember. We will attend


    Via and Source: TechShop

  • I Cooking Hacks Workshops in TechShop Menlo ParkApril 29, 2013

    Last April 19-21, Cooking Hacks was giving a Hacking Weekend in TechShop Menlo Park, where people enjoy with several workshops related to the Internet of Things, from small projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi to a wide explanation about Waspmote and its Events board.

    Alicia an Jorge shared their knowledge through examples about wireless communication. Alicia gave a speech about the Internet of Things and the evolution of Cooking Hacks, from the beginning with Arduino to the release of the Waspmote Starter Kit to bring it close to the makers.

    Jorge teached how to use 802.15.4 and GPRS protocols in two different platforms, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, through basic examples like blinking a led.

    e-Health Sensor Platform was amazing. All people enjoyed (like children) the sensors while Jorge, our engineer, showed the features of each one: ECG, Breathing, Position, SPO2...

    In order to finish, Jorge gave a workshop with Waspmote Events Kit where making basic examples about security (using a PIR Sensor) and wireless communication with 802.15.4.

    All kits from these workshops, including the e-Health Complete Kit, are available in TechShop locations (Menlo Park and San Jose).

    Don't forget! We will come back in May!! Stay tuned!

    Enjoy all pics in our Facebook Channel.

  • Cooking Hacks at TechShop San Jose too!!April 7, 2013

    Cooking Hacks will arrive at TechShop San Jose, CA (USA) in April. If you missed the Hackathon in TechShop Menlo Park, you will be able to attend the lecture about Open Hardware and the Internet of Things in TechShop San Jose next April 19. Alicia Asin, Libelium CEO, will explain how open hardware helped them as entrepreneurs to bootstrap Libelium (which has designed an open source sensor platform), build a community around it, and use the input received to improve the product. She will also discuss the traction that makers are gaining inside the Internet of Things landscape with some examples of crowdsourcing.

    See you in California soon!!

    Via and Source: TechShop

  • Cooking Hacks arrives at TechShop in AprilMarch 4, 2013

    Cooking Hacks will arrive at TechShop Menlo Park, CA (USA) in April. We are preparing a great Marathon to show how our platforms are used in the Internet of Things. Lectures and workshops will be attended by a high community in the West Coast from April 12 to April 21. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Waspmote, ZigBee, e-Health and... fun!! Take the opportunity to talk to Alicia, Libelium CEO, and to our engineers to know more about us.

    TechShop manifest:

    "Libelium, creaters of and designers of SquidBee (the first open source, Arduino-based "mote" for the wireless sensor network market) and Waspmote (the new open source, wireless sensor platform), are coming to TechShop Menlo Park!

    While they are here, we are having a Cooking Hacks marathon, where you will receive hands-on instruction with their open source Internet of Things platforms.

    This marathon includes a keynote presentation introducing Cooking Hacks and three extensive workshops: Arduino to Raspberry-Pi Bridge, e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino, and Waspmote - How to Get Started with the Internet of Things!

    Libelium'sĀ technology has been featured in as one of ten mind-blowing, skill-building Raspberry Pi projects.

    Click here to register for the Keynote Presentation (April 12)

    Click here to register for Arduino to Raspberry Pi Bridge (April 20) (FULL)

    Click here to register for e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino (April 20) (FULL)

    Click here to register forĀ Waspmote - How to Get Started with the Internet of Things (April 21) (FULL)


    See you there!!

    Via and Source: TechShop

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