Robots & Makers. The calendar.March 24, 2014

As we announces, Cooking Hacks will collaborate with the first edition of Robots & Makers Milano Show, an event dedicated to robotics and makers which will be held at the Parco Esposizioni Novegro (MILANO-LINATE Airport) on 29-30 March 2014.

More than 60 Makers/Exhibitors will held in this event, where electronics, Open Source and 3D printers will be present all time! There will be workshops and keynotes to be more close to these open platforms and maker movement in general. Download the program here.

Why get involved?
- It is the show of the most important Italian and international distributors of robots and robotics.
- It is the market fair for real geeks with dozens of booths filled with material to build your own robot at home.
- Makers and inventors with their creatures to have fun and entertain.
- Performances of musicians and dancers robot and more.
- Not only electronics, but also creative 3D printing and modeling.
- Workshops and laboratories for everybody.
- Venues for hobbyists who want to learn all about DIY.

A pavilion of 2,400 square meters of technological innovation and fun. Do not miss out!

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