Repeat After Me: A Mintronics Memory GameOctober 24, 2012

Steve Hobley made a great funny project in Makezine weekend projects.

This project was Combine components from two Mintronics kits:a MAKE MintDuino microcontroller(an Arduino clone)and a Mintronics Survival.Then pack into a replica of retro electronic memory games.They called it “A Mintronics Memory Game” like Simon and the Tandy Pocket Repeat game sold by RadioShack in the 1980s.

It’s amazing how fun and addictive this simple game is, and it’s a great way to learn about integrated circuits ,programming and test your brain’s memory and dexterity. Like those games, Repeat After Me will speed up and add a step to the sequence with each successful round. Unlike those games, you are free to customize the code running this one. You could also transfer the circuits to PCB and mount them in a pocket-portable case of your own design.

Via: DFRobot, Source: Makezine weekend projects

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