Raspberry Pi to Arduino connection bridge experiment – DC MotorDecember 12, 2012

People from intelligentheating show us their nice projects. This time, they have used our Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge to run a DC motor. Here is a quick sneak-peak of an experiment they conducted when testing out some of the hardware.

The video shows a combination of a Raspberry Pi, the Cooking Hacks shield, an Arduino motor-shield a small DC motor and a circuit consisting of a resistor and photo-resistor.
The software in the background is processing the feedback from the photo-resistor and deciding when to turn the motor on and off, and in which direction. This software also generates the necessary PWM for the motor.

In the video I cover the photo-resistor to turn the motor clockwise and then uncover it to turn it counter-clockwise.


Via and Source: Intelligentheating

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