Our Maker Faire Schedule.. more events coming soon!June 27, 2014

Call for Makers!

As you surely know (we even met there...) this year we have been at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 (past May, photos here and here), and Mini Maker Faire Barcelona 2014, last weekend - post with photos next week, surely you checked them out in our NEW Instagram channel!

In the second half of the year we will be in World Maker Faire New York (September, 20 & 21), Maker Faire Rome (October, 3 - 5), Mini Maker Faire Bilbao (July 12 & 13) and maybe one more (to determine)... You can check the official upcoming Maker Faires map here.

We invite you to meet us and see our new projects and products!

Stay tuned for more information! We will post updates as soon as possible!

Psst! Next event! Next July, we will be in Mini Maker Faire Bilbao to showcase some of our new products. We are pretty sure you'll love our demos and we would like to see you there!

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