OSHWCon 2011: Final DaySeptember 25, 2011

OSHWCon 2011 has started today with a workshop for children. With Scratch 4 Arduino, people of Citilab have teached them how to program Arduino through Scratch. Children were very impressed to see how to make it themselves.

Along the morning there were several events like "Trackuino: photography in space" by Javier Martin, "Physic Computing in education" by Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Qi-Hardware Community by David Samblas or Soccer with Arduino by Complubot Team.

At 12.30, 4 attendants have showed their personal proyects. The first one was Javier Lander and his project SM-1, an IKEA lamp that you can move thanks to a giroscope and some servos, or get an automatic movement thanks to several sensors along the lamp. Javier Gómez has talked about LIBOL, a geolocation system thanks to the sunlight. Miguel A. de Pablo has talked about his project Ardudrop, a system based in Arduino to control the irrigation that you can improve with new sensors, making your complete weather meter. To finish, Jorge Gómez has talked about SAC 2.0 and showed the robots to all attendants.

Here some pics of the event. See you in the next OSHWCon!!

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