OSHWCon 2011: Day 1September 24, 2011

Today Cooking Hacks attended OSHWCon 2011 in Madrid and we're going to share it with all of you.

At 17:00, Alicia Asin, CEO of Libelium, explained the obtained success using OSHW to get a quick response to radiation problem due to the leaks produced in Fukushima (Japan). People who attend this lecture were very interested and they were able to see and touch the Radiation Board.

At 18:00, Marcos Yarza, engineer of Libelium, started a workshop called "Arduino Wireless". In the first hour, he explained the basic steps to use Arduino and some components like Leds, resistors or buttons. Once people got skills, he started with wireless communication through XBee 802.15.4 and a gateway and then with basic examples of Bluetooth and RFID modules.

At the same hour, Alicia Asin also attended a round table about OSHW Licenses and Definitions, with David Cuartielles (Arduino), Carlos Medrano (Unizar), Jesus G. Barahona (URJC) and Juan Gonzalez (IEA Robotics).

Here, some pics of the event. Next week, we will upload the examples of the workshop and more photos in Facebook.

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