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OpenWireless Sensor Networks in Environment Monitoring with SquidBeeFebruary 8, 2012

Wireless Sensor Network - SquidBee

A WSN Research Group formed by Antoine Bagula, Gordon Inggs, Simon Scott and Marco Zennaro ( WSN Blog ) wrote a complete article about using SquidBee to monitor the environment making Wireles Sensor Networks.

This paper revisits the problem of the readiness for field deployments of wireless- sensor networks by assessing the relevance of using Open Hardware and Software motes for environment monitoring. We propose a new prototype wireless sensor network that finetunes SquidBee motes to improve the life-time and sensing performance of an environment monitoring system that measures temperature, humidity and luminosity. Building upon two outdoor sensing scenarios, we evaluate the performance of the newly proposed energy-aware prototype solution in terms of link quality when expressed by the Received Signal Strength, Packet Loss and the battery lifetime. The experimental results reveal the relevance of using the Open Hardware and Software motes when setting up outdoor wireless sensor networks.

If you are searching for Wireless Sensor Networks devices (motes) you may be interested in our ready to market sensor platform: Waspmote. You can discover the differences between both platforms in the document: Waspmote vs SquidBee.

Download the full paper here.

Via and Source: Mdpi

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