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Open Hardware Summit Tickets On Sale!August 8, 2012

Cooking Hacks, Sponsor of OSHWA Summit 2012. This year, we have wanted to collaborate with Open Source Hardware Association, becoming sponsor of the most important event about Open Source Hardware, where makers, developers and OSHW enthusiastic attend the lectures of experts in this matter.

Dustin writes:
"Have you seen our incredible lineup of speakers yet? We have a lot of fresh blood mixed in with a few names you’ll probably recognize, and we are extremely excited to host such a diverse group.

Please, purchase your tickets here.
Tickets include breakfast, snacks, beer/wine, plus an amazing goodie bag from our fabulous sponsors. More about tickets on the Attend page.

Sponsors, we still need you! The Open Hardware Summit would not be possible without you. We strive to keep the summit accessible, and still need some help covering our budget. Please consider joining our current list of amazing sponsors, and see the amazing benefits you can get!"

Via: Adafruit, Source: OSHWA Summit

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