Next Thursday, April 9th, is IoT DayApril 6, 2015

The fifth annual Internet of Things day will take place next April 9th. But what is the IoT?

The Internet of Things

IoT is a concept regarding the connection of objects to the Internet. This objects or things can be anything from a person or animal to any kind of machine or device, embedded with electronics and sensors and with the capability of transferring data over a network. Each object has a unique identifier and is able to operate within the Internet infrastructure without human interaction.

An example of this object could be a parking sensor that detects a free spot and wirelessly transmits the data so drivers can check this info on a cellphone, or a pH sensor to remote monitor water quality.

Open hardware platforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, along with open source software, gave a decisive boost to the IoT and have contributed to create a community of developers.

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The IoT Day

This day is intended to be a celebration where the Internet of Things Community get together to share their experience and knowledge. Started in 2011 as an annual meeting point where you can learn about the latest technologies and attend to conferences on security, innovation, applications or data management and privacy. Watch these pictures from past IoT Days.

It's a meeting open to anybody willing to participate, from engineers and entrepreneurs to designers or amateurs regardless of your experience on this matter. You can participate in this world-wide event by visiting one of the many places where you will find lectures, workshops or demos (last year there were events in 18 countries). You can also create and organize an event yourself, check these map and list with every event for this day.

IoT Day 2015 Events

IoT Live

Can't get to an IoT venue this year? Don't worry, IoT Live gives you the chance of following online discussions featuring participants from the Global IoT Community. In the second edition of this virtual conference you can watch demo sessions of products and platforms, and enjoy talks and keynotes sessions from leading companies.

IoT Day 2015 Live

This live sessions start off in Europe at 13:30 CEST (7:30 EDT) and goes throughout the day, last session finishing on the west coast of North America at 23:15 CEST (5:15 EDT).


Waspmote Products

Waspmote is Libelium's solution for the Internet of Things.

It is an open source wireless platform designed to monitor your environment and focused on autonomy and low consumption. Its horizontal and modular approach is ideal to collect data through the sensors plugged into the different accessory sensor shields (Smart Cities, Agriculture, Smart Metering, Gases). You can connect to any Cloud Platform, using a wide range of wireless technologies.

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