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New Waspmote Kits arrives in Cooking HacksNovember 20, 2012

After Waspmote Starter Kit was launched, many people have been interested in getting some add-ons for it. Now, we bring you the possibility of getting some packs to test Waspmote in several environments. Waspmote Events Kit allows you to use Waspmote in Sleep Mode and wake it up through interruptions; with Waspmote Agriculture Kit, you will be able to use the device in outdoors to monitor your garden; use Waspmote Gas Kit or Waspmote Smart Cities to know your environment, from CO or CO2 to Dust... and finally, you can be smarter with Waspmote Smart Metering Kit. It allows you to know the current through a electric wire or the water flow through a hose.

In order to complete these kits, we have released a Communication Kit to get a cute test kit which includes GPRS, GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth, as well as a Expansion Board to get 2 communication modules (XBee pinout compatible) in the same Waspmote.

Know more about Waspmote here.

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