New Ion Sensor Probes “PRO” and New Calibration Kits for Smart WaterJune 15, 2016

We are adding new Ion Sensor Probes. The new parameters added are:

These new sensor probes are named as "PRO" as they offer a better calibration cycle (they keep calibrated more days than the current probes). The underlying technology is not based on liquid chemicals but in solid membranes made of nanotubes of carbon so they simple last more time with the right calibration that the regular probes.


New Ion Sensor Probes "PRO" for Smart Water

So how are they named now?

  • Normal Probe: Chloride Ion (Cl-) Sensor Probe
  • "PRO" Sensor Probe: Chloride Ion (Cl-) Sensor Probe [PRO]

The new Ion Sensor Probes "PRO" are composed of two independent parts: the head (the ion membrane) and the holder. So we just need to change the header when it is not working properly due to circumstances like the maximum lifetime is reached.

Let's see a comparative between both Ion Sensor Probes "Current" VS "New [PRO]":

Ion Current Probes New Probes [PRO]
Calcium [Ca2+] 0,4 to 4000 mg/L 0,4 to 4000 mg/L
Fluoride [F-] 0,1 to 1900 mg/L 0,1 to 1900 mg/L
Nitrate [NO3-] 0,6 to 6200 mg/L 0,6 to 31000 mg/L
Bromide [Br-] 0,4 to 8000 mg/L 0,4 to 8000 mg/L
Chloride [Cl-] 1,5 to 3500 mg/L 1,5 to 35000 mg/L
Cupric [Cu2+] 0,06 to 3200 mg/L 0,06 to 3200 mg/L
Iodide [I-] 0,1 to 12000 mg/L 0,1 to 12000 mg/L
Silver [Ag+] 0,1 to 10000 mg/L 0,1 to 10000 mg/L
Fluoroborate [H3OBF4] 0,35 to 12000 mg/L -
Ammonium [NH4] - 0,09 – 9000 mg/L
Lithium [Li+] - 0,1 – 5000 mg/L
Magnesium [Mg2+] - 2,4 – 2400 mg/L
Nitrite [NO2-] - 2,5 – 1000 mg/L
Perchlorate [ClO4] - 1 – 10000 mg/L
Potassium [K+] - 0,4 – 3900 mg/L
Sodium [Na+] - 0,1 – 3200 mg/L
pH - 0 – 14 pH

More differences::

  • With the "Normal" Ion Sensor Probes we used to have two different models of Smart Water Ions:
    • Single: Fluoroborate, Nitrate, Calcium, Fluoride
    • Double: Bromide, Chloride, Cupric, Iodide, Silver
  • However with the new "PRO" Ion Probes we can mix any 5 of them in the same Plug & Sense! as desired with no restrictions.
  • Now we can also add a pH "PRO" Sensor Probe at the same time that the Ion Probes. With the old ones it is needed to use a separate Smart Water unit.
  • The "PRO" Probes may have a lifetime of two years (depending of conditions of the environment), while the "Normal" ones have a lifetime that goes from 6 months to one year.


Each type of Sensor Probe has its own type of Reference Probe. This means we can not mix "Normal" with "PRO" Ion Probes.


Smart Water Ions Calibration Bottle

New Calibration Solutions:

We are also adding a new "Multi-ion" calibration solution that allows to calibrate up to 7 different sensor probes. So now we can use just 3 bottles of solutions to calibrate 7 Sensor Probes (with the old ones we would have needed 21 bottles each with a different solution).

Ion Solution 1 (mg/L) Solution 2 (mg/L) Solution 3 (mg/L)
Calcium [Ca2+] 36 180 360
Chloride [Cl-] 75 375 750
Potassium [K+] 39 195 390
Magnesium [Mg2+] 11 55 110
Sodium [Na+] 23 115 230
Ammonium [NH4] 4 20 40
Nitrate [NO3-] 132 660 1320

And obviously we are also adding new unique ion calibration solutions for the other parameters that were not present before:

Ion Solution 1 (mg/L) Solution 2 (mg/L) Solution 3 (mg/L)
Lithium [Li+] 1 10 100
Nitrite [NO2-] 10 100 1000
Perchlorate [ClO4] 1 10 100

The rest of the ion calibration solutions are kept equal:

Ion Solution 1 (mg/L) Solution 2 (mg/L) Solution 3 (mg/L)
Fluoroborate [H3OBF4] 10 100 1000
Fluoride [F -] 10 100 1000
Cupric [Cu2+] 10 100 1000
Bromide [Br-] 10 100 1000
Silver [Ag+] 10 100 1000
Iodide [I-] 4 20 20

Specific applications include:

  • Drinking water quality control: Calcium (Ca2+), Iodide (I-), Chloride (Cl-), Nitrate (NO3-), pH
  • Agriculture water monitoring: Calcium (Ca2+), Nitrate (NO3-), pH
  • Swimming pools: Bromide (Br-), Chloride (Cl-), Fluoride (F-), pH
  • Waste water treatment: Cupric (Cu2+), Silver (Ag+), Fluoroborate (BF4-), pH
  • Firsh Farming / Fish Tank Monitoring / Hatchery / Aquaculture / Aquaponics: Measuring the water conditions of aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish, shrimps or prawns in tanks. Important values are pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Ammonia (NH4), Nitrate (NO3-), Nitrite (NO2-) and water temperature.

Smart Water Ions complements with Smart Water model which includes the next parameters:

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