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Motostudent 3rd Edition is coming!September 30, 2013

Once again Moto Engineering Foundation promotes the MotoStudent competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all Europe and worldwide Universities.

“The next generation of engineers will have a challenging competition for testing their skills.” The goal is to design, manufacture and evaluate a racing motorbike prototype with an engine capacity of 250cc and four strokes, which is then put to the test and final evaluation at the MotorLand Aragón Circuit. The competition itself represents a challenge to the students. They will have to prove their creativity and innovation skills to directly apply their engineering abilities against other teams from universities all over the world during a period of three semesters/terms.

What MotoStudent brings…

to the Students…

  • To carry out a real project with real business world commitments:
    • Teamwork
    • Working in competence
    • Dealing with a tight budget
    • Time schedule and deadlines
  • To work in tight connection with companies and institutions directly related to the world-class motorbike racing competition
  • To take advantage of the freedom degrees that the engineering programs have (free-elective credits, final projects, etc.) to integrate them in order to improve their curriculum
  • To use the most advanced systems in design and analysis to carry out a real project

to the Universities…

  • To integrate the academic work with the students’ development of practical skills
  • To increase the connection and exchange between University and industry
  • To provide to the industrial world and the 2wheels competition from student engineers with easy-to-integrate to the real needs profiles
  • To maintain, tighten and expand relations with the participating Universities in other academic forums
  • To use MotoStudent as a tool for applying the recommendations of Bologna

to the Industry…

  • To play with the best scenario for testing their products
  • To have a direct link with the university and its studies
  • To deal with the best source of young engineers
  • To display their brand in a world-class competition

In what the competition consists…

MotoStudent gives the teams the maximum design flexibility, with very few restrictions on the “decision making” for the overall motorbike design, so that the vehicles or projects entering to the competition should fulfil minimum safety requirements and dimensions in the designated area.

The challenge to teams is to develop a motorbike that can successfully accomplish with all the tests and events along the MotoStudent Competition. MotoStudent gives the teams the chance to prove and demonstrate their engineering skills, creativity and business abilities in competition to teams from other universities around the world.

Libelium and Cooking Hacks collaborate with Zaragoza team (Motostudent Unizar) with the necessary electronics for the racing motorbike prototype!!

Luis Martin from Cooking Hacks Team and Motostudent member.

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