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More photos of our Maker Faire Bay Area experience!June 5, 2014

As you may remember, we posted a few days ago our first impressions and photos from Maker Faire Bay Area 2014, you can check them here. Now, more photos and thoughts...

We enjoyed three unforgettable and fascinating days, setting up the booth, talking with all the people who came to our stand to ask about our projects, showing them our latest developments and, in short, keeping our finger on the Maker Culture's pulse to collect information about how the Maker Movement is doing!


The adventure started after a 20 hours exhausting but exciting trip, from our headquarters in Zaragoza to San Francisco, with a fairly demanding time change. Friday 16th, early in the morning, tired but full loaded with illusion, we packed all our stuff in a rented pick-up (we, european people, love this kind of cars - we have no such vehicles in our countries...) and drove all the way from our hotel to Maker Faire Bay Area space. We found quickly our booth, and started to set up all our demo projects, in order to be ready to make the best impression in you, our beloved visitors..

PickUp Maker Faire 14
Setting Up the booth

In a glimpse we got a quick first picture of the space available and started to distribute all the stuff we had brought with us from Spain. The best way to measure the space we have to deal with is, as you surely know, to make a selfie - see shoot below ;) After that, we got down to work and the booth started to take shape.

Cooking Hacks Selfie
Setting up the Booth Friday


On Saturday we started to talk with all the visitors interested in our projects or company, answering all their questions. People were specially curious about our name, and its relationship with kitchen, home cooking or "cuisine". We kindly recommended them (and you) to read our Company Manifesto, to understand our special conception about relationship between electronics and cooking!

Talking in deep about the projects we showcased in the fair, we would like to emphasise three of them: our eHealth kit, the Mental Beer Machine, and the Cooking Hacks dog (yes, it's a robot!). It was pretty funny to see people trying to open "mentally" the beer machine, to obtain their beer can... (shoot below). Our cute Cooking Hacks robot dog, as usual, delighted the youngest of the household with its tricks, movements and barks.

Cooking Hacks Beer Machine
Our cute robot dog


On Sunday we gave ourselves a break to take a closer look at the new projects of other makers and companies. We were pleasantly surprised of the latest news in the maker sector: the expansion of the 3DPrinters (specially talking about prices and R&D investment), and the boom of wearables (althought all we could see were some kind of lightning necklaces..). In adition to all of that, we can see as usual some robot fights!

Robot Fight!
Lightning Necklaces - wearables

We made the most of the opportunity to greet all our friends of Dreamforce, SeeedStudio and DFRobot, among many others. It's always a pleasure to meet all of you guys in this kind of events!

We will meet you again soon!

We will meet you again soon
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