More Open Garden real project photosAugust 21, 2014

We are very happy to show you more pics of our Open Garden projects. As you may know, Open Garden is an Open Source hardware alternative to commercial home automation to remotely control your indoor, outdoor and hydroponic plants. We strongly believe it has huge potential due to its flexibility: its made of many separate sensors and actuators - it's a very modular and flexible environment.

As you surely remember, you can find three different Open Garden kits: indoor, outdoor and hydroponics. These kits will help you to use the solution in greenhouses or houses, external gardens or fields, or even plants in water installations, respectively.

In the photos you can see a three node Open Garden indoor installation:

1.- One street monitoring node - no pics, it's allocated in the balcony - which monitors temperature, humidity and external light.

2.- A second node controlling the soil moisture of a big plant in the dining room. If you look closely at the pictures, you could appreciate the sensor: is the black wire in the left side of the Gateway, it gets into the ground on the left of the plant.

More Open Garden Pics in Flickr
More Open Garden Pics in Flickr

3.- A third node is also controlling the soil moisture of a third space, composed by a tomatoe plant, a mint plant and a basil one. This third node is also monitoring air temperature and humidity and ground temperature. You can notice the gateway by his side - it's connected to the water pump for drip irrigation. You can see the droppers in the last of the photos.

More Open Garden Pics in Flickr
More Open Garden Pics in Flickr

Open Garden Droppers

In this case, we are not using the Open Garden and XBee shields, or the Wifi module.

Bonus tip: the gateway is connected to a RaspBerry Pi (USB Connection). We are stablishing an UART communication to save all the data in a database.

We hope you have enjoyed the photos, and we encourage you to develop your own Open Garden projects following our step-by-step tutorial. We will be very happy to receive your project photos, and to share them in Twitter or Instagram, or RT your posts around Open Garden.

You can also purchase the kits here:

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