Makers of all sizes use the Standard Platform for the Internet of Things: the Agriculture boardSeptember 9, 2013

Waspmote, the Open Source Sensor Platform for the Internet of Things, has come to Cooking Hacks. This brings the makers to use this platform in their projects. Due to the friendly IDE and extended documentation, people who are using Arduino, NETduino or similar will be able to integrate Waspmote as the new device for their works.

The Makers can be sure that they are using a stable and strong platform which is used in Commercial projects by well-know companies. In this examples, while Grupo Austen has developed a project to monitor crops and fields, Cristina is using Waspmote with Agriculture board to tend her kitchen garden.

We have added the complete Waspmote OEM catalog here so you will be able to make your own configuration, choosing the boards and accessories you need for that.

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