Maker Faire Bilbao. Review.July 14, 2013


Makers. The new revolution has arrived to Spain. This weekend, Bilbao has been the heart of the makers. People from Spain and France have met there to share projects, products, maker philosophy... In the marine museum, close to the Guggenheim, we have been able to attend keynotes, exhibitions and workshops made by Makers to Makers.

See the TV summary now:

3D Printers, Arduino Projects, Craft, Drones, wearables... people visiting the stands could understand the Maker movement with little examples. We showed our latest releases with some of them, using XBee, Geolocator, 3G, GPRS, Radiation and e-Health. We were able to introduce Open Hardware to people and the children had fun using LittleBits, MakeyMakey and playing Pong.


But there was time for cooking!!! Children made Conductive dough by theirselves and they learn to use it in basic electronic examples. Children are the future. Be Maker!


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Waiting for the next Maker Faire!!

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