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Machine Head: Engineer Builds Instruments for One-Man Metal BandAugust 16, 2012

Bryan, from Wired, shows us a very interesting article about Tristan Shone who performs doom metal in a One-Man Metal Band.

"Shone is the only member of Author & Punisher, and he personally designed, prototyped, and machined each of his instruments. The centerpiece of his live act is a set of four gizmos he calls dub machines—Arduino-powered gear he can manipulate to produce sounds, loops, and rhythms. There’s Rack & Pinion, which looks like a keyboard. It allows him to bend and warp samples by sliding six velocity-sensitive keys back and forth on Teflon-coated pipes. As he plays Rack & Pinion with his left hand, his right hand pumps an instrument called Rails back and forth like a slide trombone, or spins the aptly named Big Knobs. All the while, he’s singing and beatboxing into an array of eight microphones called Headgear."

Via and Source: Wired

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