Logic Sniffer client: New signal display componentJanuary 7, 2012

Jawi uploaded a preview of the new signal display component for the Logic Sniffer application. OLS is a java client designed to run on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

You can download this mock from ols.lxtreme.nl, which should run on Windows, Linux and OSX (only the latter is heavily tested ;)).

A list of changes/improvements made so far:

  • the need for speed; the drawing routines are optimized in such extent that the component can handle large data sets quite easily (up to 10M samples tested);
  • look and feel; I got assistance from Marius in the design of the look and feel. He helped me greatly in improving the default look and provided two new ways of showing annotations (more on this later);
  • keyboard navigation; the zooming can be controlled from the keyboard now (+/=, -/_, 0 and 1). Additional navigation features can be added easily (moving left/right with cursor keys and such);
  • cursors can be added from the timeline as well as the signal view; right clicking a cursor now provides a real context-sensitive popup menu;
  • cursors can now be placed in ‘snapped’ to a signal edge.
  • CTRL/CMD + mouse click allows you to easily jump to a future signal edge
  • renaming of channel labels can be done by right clicking it;
  • channels can be reordered by drag-and-drop. Channels can also be moved to another channel group with this;
  • channels can be “disabled”, meaning that they are drawn as if they were continuously low;
  • cursor, measurement and acquisition information is now presented in separate windows that can be docked/undocked/moved at will.

Via and Source: Dangerous Prototypes.

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