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Let's celebrate the Earth Day with ArduinoMarch 28, 2012

Cooking Hacks wants to celebrate Earth Day with you. On 22th April, people around the world use to do something ecologic along the day. We want to propose several ideas during these days to save energy with Arduino: from smart irrigation to solar-based projects.

We will post the projects in our Blog and we will show direct links to all you need to make them.

We also offer a 10% DISCOUNT to all who send us the project with a Video. You have to send it withfull documentation and videos to with Subject: "ECO DAY PROJECT". We will publish them in our Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Save the planet with Arduino!!

- Earth Day: Colour Egg Timer
- Earth Day: Arduino Thermostat
- Earth Day: Arduino Home Energy Monitor
- Earth Day: Automatic Irrigation with GPRS module for Arduino
- Earth Day: Arduino Weather Station / HVAC Controller
- Earth Day: CERERE- a WSN for Agricultural and Environmental Control
- Earth Day: Reading Liquid Flow Rate Using a Water Flow Meter and Arduino.
- Earth Day: Web controlled sprinkler automation
- Earth Day: Rain barrel irrigation system (Arduino-based)
- Earth Day: Arduino Duemilanove 2 axis solar tracker
- Earth Day: Mushroom Environment Control - Arduino Powered