Kickbee™ tweets when a baby kicks! [Arduino Mini+XBee project]August 2, 2012

After viewing several Blogs I've seen this awesome hack for pregnat moms. It consists in a stretchable band which contains some sensors, an Arduino Mini and a XBee module. This project allows to share the experience of a baby kicking in the womb with the fathers, parents, friends...

As they explain in the site, "...Vibration sensors are attached directly to the band, and are triggered by movement underneath. The band and electronics are covered in a soft fabric cover for design and comfort. A microcontroller in the garment captures the movement and transmits the signals wirelessly to a computer running a custom application.

The application receives the sensor values and analyzes them. When a kick is detected, a message is posted to the social messaging service Twitter via its API (Application Programming Interface). Twitter makes it easy to share these short messages of "I kicked Mommy!" with family and friends, and allows them to be sent as text messages to any mobile phone in the world. The Twitter account can also act as a data log that can be accessed later for visualization or archiving."

Via and Source: KickBee

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