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Just one week after the fire: e-Health and Distributor Orders already Shipping!!April 11, 2014

Today marks a week since the unfortunate fire in one of our warehouses. Since then, we have been working very hard to get back to normal and we would like to inform you of the current status and availability of our products.

In Cooking Hacks, you can find more than 4.000 different references. More than the 90% of these references come from our official suppliers (SparkFun, SeeedStudio, DFRobot, Arduino), and the 10% remaining are our own products (designed by Cooking Hacks).

Regarding our own products, most of them are being manufactured and will be available again in just 2-3 weeks time. However, we managed to get some of our most popular products available now! (24/48h). They are:

From the 90% of our products, which come from our suppliers, we already have in our warehouse the ones you have been asking these days. These means you can already order and get them in the normal 24-48h period!

These products are:

The rest of the 90% of these products, are available under the On Demand purchase process. It is simple: you place your order, we get it from our suppliers, and we send it to you. See the complete list here!

Work has been huge and the team response amazing. We have received all your love and support these days, and we would like to thank again all the messages received.

Thanks for your patience. We keep on working to recover our normal activity asap.

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