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Iot SummerCamp SummaryJuly 9, 2013

Last week, Cooking Hacks organized The Internet of Things and 3D Printing Summer Camp in Zaragoza. In these 5 days, we have met very interesting people from many locations in Spain. People who had the same spirit inside: be a Maker.

On Thursday there was 3 keynotes. First, our M.D. Luis Martin and Jorge Casanova, from Cooking Hacks Team, talked about our biometric sensor platform, showing how to interactuate with your body and Arduino. They will use the e-Health Sensor Shield with each sensor (up to 9 sensors), monitoring monitor their bodies and sharing the data in the cloud.

After that, Néstor Lizalde gave a keynote about Digital Art, starting with some examples about the beginning in cinema, animations, loops... talking about the audiovisual art and its evolution thanks to the electronics. Then, he showed his projects, some of them based in Arduino and PureData.

To finish the day, Carlos Monreal, Javier Briz, Alejandro Suárez, David Francos and Pedro Clemente from local associations like CADesigns, Púlsar (Unizar) and DLabs talked about Remote 3D printing using Octoprint. There was also an introduction about Raspberry Pi and they talked about the new Hot-End Farynozzle.

On Friday, Cooking Hacks and Arduteka gave 2 workshops. To start, David Bordonada (from Cooking Hacks) gave a keynote about the Open Source Hardware talking about the Radiation Sensor Platform: the best example of an Open Hardware Project. Then, people meet Waspmote, our Open Source Sensor Platform and they learnt to make a wireless serial communication through XBee. The last workshop was gave by Pablo Murillo from Arduteka, who showed the first steps to enter in Arduino world.

Saturday was the Big Day!! People was sorted in groups of 3  people with a goal: make the best project in 12 hours. Using XBee or IR Remote or GPRS, people start making awesome prototypes. There was a high level of knowledge between the attendants and very interesting projects. As information, some of the attendants were in the previous day, introducing themselves in Arduino and Waspmote for the first time... and the project was a wireless communication displaying some messages in a parallel LCD. We are receiving all documentation about the projects and we will upload it soon. Stay tuned!!

On Sunday, we gave a course of 3D Printer to help people to build our 3D printer Prusa IT3. From 9AM to 10PM, the attendants were following the step by step tutorial to create the printer. A rod, a screw, a nozzle, a pizza... good ingredients for a great day with good people. ;)

On Monday evening, there was the second day for Workshops to repeat the ones gave on Friday. However, both workshops were full of people so we must stop and think about the Maker Movement in Spain. People are very interested in new technologies like Waspmote or Arduino, not only as a Hobby but also with educational and professional purposes.

Do you want more? Pics available in Facebook.

Thank you to all attendants and supporters like Milla Digital, Zaragoza Council, CIEM Centre, Wizi Zaragoza and Linux Magazine.

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