I Cooking Hacks Workshops in TechShop Menlo ParkApril 29, 2013

Last April 19-21, Cooking Hacks was giving a Hacking Weekend in TechShop Menlo Park, where people enjoy with several workshops related to the Internet of Things, from small projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi to a wide explanation about Waspmote and its Events board.

Alicia an Jorge shared their knowledge through examples about wireless communication. Alicia gave a speech about the Internet of Things and the evolution of Cooking Hacks, from the beginning with Arduino to the release of the Waspmote Starter Kit to bring it close to the makers.

Jorge teached how to use 802.15.4 and GPRS protocols in two different platforms, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, through basic examples like blinking a led.

e-Health Sensor Platform was amazing. All people enjoyed (like children) the sensors while Jorge, our engineer, showed the features of each one: ECG, Breathing, Position, SPO2...

In order to finish, Jorge gave a workshop with Waspmote Events Kit where making basic examples about security (using a PIR Sensor) and wireless communication with 802.15.4.

All kits from these workshops, including the e-Health Complete Kit, are available in TechShop locations (Menlo Park and San Jose).

Don't forget! We will come back in May!! Stay tuned!

Enjoy all pics in our Facebook Channel.

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