Home, Sweet NEW Home!! Libelium's New LocationNovember 21, 2012

As we wrote some days ago, Libelium has moved to a new location, bigger, better and sweeter. ;)

We'd like to share our experience because it was a surprise for all members of Libelium family. First, we met in the old location to say 'goodbye'. When all people was ready, we went, very excited, to the new one. There, we started entering to R&D building. Alicia and David, Libelium's CEO & CTO, inagurated it and we saw the first rooms: Research & Development, Design and IT. As we didn't know where was our  place, our designer had put some avatars over the table. Those avatars showed to ourselves from a fun point of view.

Then, we went to Commercial & Cooking Hacks Department. There is now a lot of space, so we are going to work hard to be ready for growing up!! ;)

Then, we visited the Warehouse and Logistic Department. We have now only one dedicated building for it, with a best organization and all in good conditions to offer the best service to our Community.

To finish, we went to Accounting and Purchase Department, both in the same building than Commercial, and then... the KITCHEN and living room were inaugurated!! It was a great surprise for all because there was a Photo-Wall with our Libelium's timeline, from our first test with Meshlium to our journey in Port Aventura.

From Libelium and Cooking Hacks, we want to share this great day with you so you will find more photos in our Facebook Channel.

Thank You!

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