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HackLab CAT Arduino 2012: Video reviewJanuary 24, 2012

From 11th to 15th January, there was an Arduino event in Zaragoza (Spain). There were lectures about Arduino (what is it?, evolution of open hardware, modular shields), cases of using Arduino to help people (Radiation Board), in education or introducing Arduino in Digital Art.

There were 3 workshops: The first one "Initiation in Arduino", by Pablo Murillo of Arduino Academy, where people learnt to start using Arduino UNO board with easy sketches. Marcos and Luis of Cooking Hacks showed how to use ZigBee, Bluetooth and RFID modules with Arduino in the second workshop "Wireless Communication with Arduino". To finish, Luis from Noise, explained the use of "Scratch with Arduino" thanks to S4A, a nice software focused in education.

There was personal projects too from people who shared their project with the attendants, like the "Osciloduino" by Juan, a "Sensor Network in Agriculture" by Carlos, a "Clime-Control" by Diego or a "Solar Follower" by Carlos.

Here are some videos as a little review. Enjoy them!!

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