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GeigerPC: Application for the Radiation Sensor for ArduinoMarch 13, 2012


GeigerPC is an application to monitor the Geiger counter based on Arduino visible here (in French). The software has only been tested on Windows XP SP3. It is available in English and French languages.

This program carries out a Count Per Minute (CPM) and a count by 24H. It displays the number of CPM and the average of pulse per 24H (At the end of 24 hours, otherwise, since the starting up of the counter). It displays the result in µSv.h on the basis of the CPM and on the average of the counting per 24H. Eventually, you have to adjust the "conversion factor" value (CPM <-> µSv/h) according to your Geiger-Muller tube. The couting is sent to the host by the serial port com (USB emulated). In this way, you can make your statistics on your computer by using the GeigerPC software describes above.

Version 0.1.0 for Windows XP: Download

Version 1.2 for Arduino: Download

Via and Source: Pascalchour

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