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Flight Suit Works!October 19, 2011

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Cooking Hacks

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So much to do before we take off for BRC but the suit is fully functional!

I'll post photos and videos and all design files after the long weekend, but here's a video showing the audio mode, which was the target all along:


Polishing work to deal with:

  • Test foot "A" and "B" strips Velcroed to shoes; hook and loop glue should be cured by tonight.
  • Finish remote control: straighten display, sand outside, glue top layers.
  • Tidy up buttonhole wiring and shift bands to correct alignment along Velcro loop bands.
  • Finalize light strip lengths: clip any extra length and seal ends.
  • Come up with a better remote control attachment... clip? hook? Velcro?
  • Make a cover for the ZX-Sound audio input board.

Via and Source: Jeff'sArduino Blog

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