First complete Open Garden projects photos May 27, 2014

We are pretty excited to show you some photos of our Open Garden projects we have taken. This project has huge potential and its appeal lies in the fact that it is made up of many separate sensors and actuators: it's a very modular and flexible project.

As you may know, the Open Garden platform consist of three different kits: indoor, outdoor and hydroponics. These three kits will allow you to use it in houses and greenhouses, or gardens and fields, or even plants in water installations, respectively. We have tried with these kits to cover all possible growing plant scenarios.

In the first photos (check below) you can see an Open Garden indoor installation. We are monitoring a cactus. Check in the left pic the bare soil moisture and the temperature & humidity sensors. As can be noted in the picture, the Open Garden Shield is accompanied by an XBee Shield and a Wifi module that sends data to the web application. The Open Garden Gateway is composed of the Arduino UNO board (of course), the Open Garden and XBee shields, and the Wifi module. You can see the web app in detail in the right pic. You can check the parameters measured by the sensors remotely: the app stores the information gathered in a data base and let you visualize it from an iPhone or Android device. In this case, there's no actuators implemented in the cactus.

Indoor Open Garden installation

In the next pair of photos you can see an Hydroponics installation and an entirely enclosured Outdoor kit. In the left pic you can see in detail the pH water sensor being allocated in the installation. If you look closely at the picture, you could appreciate the water temperature sensor: is the black wire in the right side of the Gateway, it gets into the water on the left of the box. In the right picture you can see an enclosured outdoor kit. In the left side of the shoot you can see an outdoor node. It can be fixed to the garden soil and send the data to the gateway via RF. The node also includes a solar energy supply system, and RF bidirectional communication (node - gateway) via transceivers. Note the enclosure, both gateway and nodes, prevents the entire system to be damaged by adverse environment conditions.

Hydroponics installation and an entirely enclosured outdoor kit

In the last photo you can see VĂ­ctor, one of our teammates, preparing the system in an outdoor garden, next to our office.

We hope you enjoy the photos, and we encourage you to develop your own projects following our step-by-step tutorial. We will be happy to receive your photos, and to share them in our social networks, or RT your posts around Open Garden.

You can purchase the kits here:

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    Some of you guys are asking for the open source web app files!

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