Earth Day 2013: using Waspmote to monitor Environmental Parameters in SantanderApril 22, 2013


In order to celebrate this Special Day, we want to talk about a big project where Waspmote has been used to monitor Environmental Parameters: Smart Santander.


SMART SANTANDER project, which has been developed by several companies and institutions including Telefonica I+D and University of Cantabria, aims at designing, deploying and validating in Santander and its environment a platform composed of sensors, actuators, cameras and screens to offer useful information to citizens.

750 Waspmotes were deployed in different locations within the city of Santander, measuring different parameters:

  • Temperature → 665 sensors
  • Luminosity → 585 sensors
  • CO → 20 sensors
  • Noise → 65 sensors

Waspmote is sleeping most of the time, in order to save battery. After some minutes (programmable by the user), Waspmote wakes up, reads from the sensors, implements the wireless communication and goes again to sleep mode.

SmartSantander project has created an interactive map to view the different values that sensors are returning in real-time. In this way, citizens can consult environmental conditions around them.

Santander sensors

You can read the complete article in Libelium.

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