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e-Health Sensor Platform V2.0 for Arduino and Raspberry Pi available!!August 28, 2013

The e-Health Sensor Shield V2.0 allows Arduino and Raspberry Pi users to perform biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is needed by using 9 different sensors: pulse, oxygen in blood (SPO2), airflow (breathing), body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, galvanic skin response (GSR - sweating), blood pressure (sphygmomanometer), patient position (accelerometer) and muscle/eletromyography sensor (EMG).

This information can be used to monitor in real time the state of a patient or to get sensitive data in order to be subsequently analysed for medical diagnosis. Biometric information gathered can be wirelessly sent using any of the 6 connectivity options available: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and ZigBee depending on the application.

If real time image diagnosis is needed a camera can be attached to the 3G module in order to send photos and videos of the patient to a medical diagnosis center.

Data can be sent to the Cloud in order to perform permanent storage or visualized in real time by sending the data directly to a laptop or Smartphone. iPhone and Android applications have been designed in order to easily see the patient's information.

What's new on 2.0 Version?

In August 2013 Cooking Hacks launched the new version of the first biometric shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi: the e-Health Sensor Platform V2.0. Thanks to the feedback given by the Community and several projects that have been created with it, we have improved the e-Health platform with new features such as:

- New muscle sensor
- New blood pressure sensor
- Upgraded glucometer
- New Connection possibilities

You can find our e-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit V2.0 to get a complete First Aid Kit for Makers or get the sensors separately.


Read the complete guide here.

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