e-Health Sensor Platform featured in Wired!March 2, 2013

Joseph Flaherty, from Wired, wrote an interesting article about 10 Raspberry Pi Projects. The e-Health Sensor Platform was described as follow:

"Innovation in healthcare is happening at a rapid clip. Between funding sources like incubator Rock Health and open APIs from companies like Nike, there has never been a better time to serve hypochondriacs. However, it's still difficult for engineers to collect biometric data like blood pressure, galvanic skin response and respiration rates.

Enter Libelium, a Spanish wireless hardware manufacturer, that has created a Raspberry Pi/Arduino shield that gives health hackers easy access to these measurements.

This shield can collect data from a host of connected peripherals and transmit it to apps via ZigBee, WiFi, or hardwired connections. The resulting products can't be used in real healthcare settings, but this kind of tool could be incredibly helpful in rapidly prototyping new device ideas or testing out innovative concepts before dealing with the regulations the FDA and international authorities require."

Thank you Joseph!

Via and Source: Wired

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