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E-Health application developed with MySignals first winner in health competition ISHIC 2017November 28, 2017

The project “Smart m-Health Application for Pregnancy Care Using Body Area Networks” developed with MySignals Hardware platform won the Most Innovative Project award at the 2nd International Saudi Health Informatics Conference (ISHIC) 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hypertensive disorders and gestational diabetes are the most common diseases during pregnancy. Hypertension causes about 10% of maternal deaths and gestational diabetes has an incidence rate of 9,2%. Remote patient monitoring can help in early detection of risk situations. Mobile devices have a great potential in providing healthcare to pregnant women and can assist in monitoring their health remotely.

A group of students (May Nasser Al-Hajri -leader-, Manal Ali Al-Shamrani, Ghadeer Ibrahem Al-Koblan, Amal Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Wejdan Saleh Al-Zahrani and supervised by Dr. Nagwan Abdel Samee) of Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia have proposed a system for pregnancy care using MySignals Hardware, the development platform for medical devices and eHealth applications created by Libelium.

Smart m-Health Application for Pregnancy Care Using Body Area Networks project diagram

Smart m-Health Application for Pregnancy Care Using Body Area Networks project diagram

The complete system includes MySignals Hardware system and mobile application GluPre, which alerts patients to take measurements at specific times. Information is send via Bluetooth from sensors to MySignals platform and from MySignals platform to the GluPre mobile application.

Mobile application layout

Mobile application layout

The application monitors blood sugar as well as blood pressure levels of pregnant women using wireless sensors:

  • Glucometer BLE sensor
  • Blood pressure BLE sensor

The software application uses decision based tree classification algorithms to better identify risks helping the physician in decision-making process during patient appointment and to prevent emergency situations.

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