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Dog Treat Machine using Raspberry PiFebruary 1, 2013


This machine called “Judd Treat Machine“, a Raspberry Pi based dog-treat-dispensing machine! A combination of various skillsets (CAD, machining, fabrication, powder coating, Raspberry Pi, electrical engineering and programming) make this a fun project!

This machine allows you to feed Judd (a friendly and hungry dog). All you need to do is send an email and the box will dispense a treat to Judd, and then it will take a picture and email the picture back to the person who sent the initiating email.

You may ask is this belongs to the field of smart home? Yes, I think so. I saw similar projects that about feed animal before. They are good jobs. If you have dog, cat or others, your can make one for them. You need not to worry them when on work or stay out.

The project of “Judd Treat Machine” is open according the maker. The Python code and CAD model all posted out. Have a try!

For more info and download the Python code and CAD model please go into the source.

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